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By Sea offers students studying this topic as part of their LLM or LLB course an accessible, comprehensive overview of the subject from a leading expert in the field. Written specifically with students in mind, concentrating on principles, and tailored to common law coverage, this title presents all the essential topics and is supported by the following useful pedagogy:

• Line Diagrams: illustrating the relationships between parties so that this may be understood at a glance; also, where appropriate, time lines

• Case Studies: looking at topical matters such as piracy, and problematic areas of law such as reachable on arrival clauses and the carriage of bulk oil by sea

• Sample Problem Questions: problem questions and suggestions to help students to prepare for assessment

• Annotated Appendices: concise appendix of the most important legislation and international conventions, with useful annotation from the author that explains these and puts them in context.

Paul Todd is Professor of Commercial and Maritime Law at the University of Southampton. He has been teaching law for almost 40 years, and has written a wide range of publications in international trade law and carriage of goods by sea.

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