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This book provides a comprehensive and coherent legal analysis of the impact of fraud on the position of various parties to a marine insurance contract, as well as the cover provided by standard marine policies. The issues under discussion in this invaluable guide are also equally relevant in the context of non-marine insurance contracts.

Helpfully divided into two parts, Part One deals with the impact of fraud committed by parties to an insurance contract, such as the assured, insurer and brokers.

Part Two analyses the extent to which standard marine policies cover the fraudulent and dishonest activity of third parties to an insurance contract.

This book will be of huge practical assistant to practitioners specialising in marine insurance as well as insurance generally, and to professionals, academics and postgraduate students.

Professor Barıs¸ Soyer is a Professor of Commercial and Maritime Law, head of the Postgraduate Legal Studies Department and the Director of the Institute of International Shipping and Trade Law at Swansea University School of Law.

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